Finally, Short Block is complete, pics!!!


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Sep 25, 2002
Ravena, NY
Well due to problems with some parts last weekend I could not start putting my motor together. Well I straightened everything out this week and got the parts I needed. Here they are altogether. I now have a complete rotating assembly, all my clearances checked out and this week I plan on ordering my cam and timing chain set. Still undecided on what timing chain set to get but I'll figure something out. Here they are:


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Guero- I have about $1200-$1400 it the bottom end as it sits. I know..... I know...... but I didn't think I would do this much to the bottom end at first or I would have bought a DSS shortblock or bought a stroker kit.

blksn955.0- Yeah it does, but yours looks even better.
Motor consists of:]

KB lightweight pistons (50grams per lighter than std)
Hawk Racing H beams
Arp main studs and rod bolts
H series Clevite 77 main and rod bearings
Speed Pro plasma moly rings
Melling oil pump
block machining and new cam bearings

Nagash01WS6 - I had the rotating assembly balanced and didn't ask how bad it was out but I don't look like he had to do much to get it balanced. Best answer I can give I guess.