First ride with new engine and 42lb inj + ?


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Nov 19, 1999
Rio Rancho NM
So last night I finally took the car out for its first cruise with 42lb injectors and new engine. I was surprised the car idled great and started with out holding the gas pedle down. I really did not get on the throttle just keeping it under 3000rpms. I was happy I didnt have the surging and idle issues associated with the 42lb injectors.

Here is my question, when I stabbed the dizzy in I got the car to idle. When I went to remove the timing plug to set the timimg the car died after the plug was removed. What do you guys think is going on. Oh yea, I checked the timing with the timing plug in and it was about 12deg. Anyway thanks for the help.

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I'm having the opposite happen to me. With the stock igntion system my car won't start with the spout connected but will start with the spout not connected (i.e. removing computer from equation). Doing some diagnostics but it seems to be leaning towards a bad computer. I found a thread where a guy had the same issue as myself and he said replacing the computer fixed the problem. Will check for good ground on computer. Can't say it's your problem but who knows.

Good luck