Foglight Bracket Questions


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Jun 4, 2004
Bought some foglights off a guy on here relatively cheap.. just now getting around to put em in.. the wiring and everything is done simple enough, but I crawl under the car and don't know how to hang em? :shrug:

I see where they fit, where some sort of screws should go.. but.. I don't have em.. so what's screwin in to hang these things?

gt bumper btw..
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It does actually.. anyone know what size screws those are? :shrug:

I swear jr or someone already told me this but of course the forums crashed and lost it before I got around to puttin em on
which bolts are you talking about? the bolt that holds the light to the bracket, or the bolts that hold the bracket to the bumper. if you are absolutely stumped and have no other options, i just removed my fogs and have no need for the bolts. however, i dont have all of them. if you need them i can send you one or two for reference.