Ford injectors fit chevy?

hey guys im selling a set of 24 lb injectors and i got an email asking me if they will fit a chevy. does anybody know? I thought i heard something like this before, and they guy who wants to buy them seem to think they will. but i dont want to sell them to him if they dont. Thanks
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What kind of chevy?

A malibu?

An '87 Iroc?

When you think about it, not all Mustang injectors work on all Fords. SO it's kinda important to know what he wants to put it on. Then again, all Chevy guys think their 350's are universal across the board for every car it was put in :)

But yes, technically Mustang injectors will work on SOME Chevy models. They need to use the same style injector though and need to be high impedance having about 14.5 ohms of resistance.

I know LS1 injectors are ~26# and will work on the Mustang
They should. A guy a work always put 19lb stock Mustang 5.0 injectors in his old 80's style Camaros saying they boosted performance a little. He always like cheap tricks, and that was the thing to do back then....well and now too.
AFAIK there are alot of cars that use the same style of injector that the stang does.

if the injector is dimensionally the same, it will work its all up to the connecter then. i'm sure you could cut the pigtails off a mustang harness and splice them into another car's harness.