Found a stack of 1/4 Time Slips from 17 Years ago.


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Nov 29, 1999
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So I was cleaning out some things today and I found a huge stack of 1/4 mile time slips. The beauty part is I wrote the mods on the back side. Here is like a timeline with mods from 1995-2003 when I went to the track all the time. I took a few time slips out and posted them below with mods. For those who don't go to the track here is how a brand new 1994GT performed stock, then induction, the heads / Cam / Intake / Exhaust and then all of the with Forced Induction. Might give you an idea what your car will run. Enjoy.


From early 1995. My first time at the track.
Mods-Bone Stock Motor, Stock Firestone Firehawk Tires.

15.22 @93MPH, Didn't know how to drive it yet.

Still 1995
Mods- 3:55 Gears, MAC H-Pipe Off Road, Flowmaster Cat Back, K&N Filter, 14 Degrees of Timing, Underdrive Pulley's, Firehawk Tires.
14.7 at 95MPH.

Still 1995
Mods-Same As Above, just getting better driving it.
14.5 at 96MPH.

Still 1995. Had an idea. I was going to try and run 13.99 with out changing any Engine Parts.
Mods-Same as Above with Micky Thompson ET Streets on Weld 15x8 Rims (Rears only), Also lowering Springs
14.3 at 94MPH.

Still 1995. Going for 13.99.
Mods-Same as above with Micky Thompson ET Street.
14.1 at 95MPH. The stock clutch shot after this run.

It's 1997 now and I'm tired of running 14's. I got an Edelbrock Intake for Christmas 1996 so I want to run 13.99 badly.
Mods- Edelbrock Performer Intake, Edelbrock 65MM Throttle Body, Pro-M 77 MAF, MAC Equal Length Headers, MAC H-Pipe Off Road, Flowmaster Force II Cat Back, Pulley's, 14 Degrees of Timing, Street Tires and King Kobra Clutch Kit.
13.99 at 98MPH

Still 1997.
Mods-Same as above, just learning how to launch on street tires. Rewarded with first 100MPH pass.
13.75 at 100MPH.

It's 2000 and haven't really added anything. Just trying to run the fastest MPH I can.
Mods-Same as above.
14.1 at 101.31MPH.

At the end of 2000 I installed the Heads, Cam, Rockers. Need to learn how to drive it.
Mods-GT40X Aluminum Heads (untouched), Crower 15511 Cam, Scorpion 1.72 Roller Rockers, Edelbrock Performer Intake, 65MM Throttle Body, Pro-M 77MM MAF, Pulley's, MAC Equal Length headers, Bassani X-Pipe Off Road, FlowMaster Force II Kit, 3:55 Gears, Street Tires, Steeda Upper / Lower Control Arms, Steeda Sub Frames, Steeda Caster / Camber Plates, Steeda Strut Tower.
13.6 at 102MPH.

Same night as above December 2000.
Mods-Same as above.
13.5 at 103.30MPH.

The very next weekend from above December 8, 2000. Trying to get a few runs in before the track closes. Not happy with the MPH. Thought I should be running 105+ MPH.
Mods-Same as above.
13.6 at 104MPH.

Same night as above, almost pulled off a 1.99 Sixty Foot time with street tires 2.01.
Mods- Same as above.
13.4 at 103.81MPH.

In 2001 I changed to an RPM Upper, Long Tubes, Prochamber and Cat Back. The MPH went up.
Mods- GT40X Aluminum heads (untouched), Cam Crower 15511, Scorpion 1.72 Rockers, Edelbrock RPM Intake, 70MM Throttle Body, Pro-M 77 Mass Air, Pulley's, Timing, MAC 1-5/8" Long Tubes, MAC 2.5" Prochamber, MAC 2.5" Cat Back, Steeda Upper / Lower Control Arms, Steeda Sub Frame Connectors and still running on street tires.
13.6 at 106.08MPH.

Same night as above, still spinning the crap out of street tires.
13.6 at 106.24MPH.

In 2003 I added a Blower.
Mods-Same as above with addition of Vortech S-Trim, 42 Lb Injectors, Pro-M 80MM, AFM Power Pipe, Vortech Inline 155LPH Pump.

I only got run that night then it rained. At 1000 Feet it started to detonate so I lifted and coasted the rest of the way. It would have run 120+ MPH Trap Speed, she was moving.
12.94 at 114.09MPH.
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Apparently my ex-husband made that mistake.
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Jun 14, 2004
Acworth, GA
That's really cool man. You didn't happen to make these runs at Moroso in Palm Beach at the time? I was out there running similiar times in a 93' Electric Currant Red GT.



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Sep 22, 2003
Phoenix, AZ
Cool stuff Vib.
I was actually keeping track of all my runs on excel. I only have 115 trips down the 1/4mile.
Here is my summary of each year with the best times/speed for that year and mods made to my car.


The red numbers are my best ever for that catagory (r/t, 60', 330', 1/8e/t, 1/8mph, 1000', 1/4e/t, 1/4mph)
Last 4 years I've moved twice and was overseas for 14 months altogether.
Really puts a dampner on racing :(


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Apr 27, 2002
Its really cool to see where you start out with a car and where it ends up. I started with my 95 GT in the mid 15's I think the first few times I ever went drag racing. By the time I sold it it was a 12.7 car. My current 94 Cobra first run was a 14.2 and as of the last best time to date a few years ago it was a 12.5. I remember how pumped I was the first time I ever saw a 12 light up on the board and the same reaction when I finally got a 12.5 with the cobra.


Apr 28, 2005
edgewater MD
Thats cool man I worked at a dragstrip for about 8 years and it was wild that some of the older bracket racers would have timeslips in boxes in there trailer from 30 or 40 years ago. Back when there was no compulink or auto start and the tickets were hand written. All you got was 1/4 mile e.t. and mph and win or loss