fox springs rated?


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Jan 16, 2006
Chihuahua México
hi, im going to change my rear spring in my convertible 91 gt, and because im in a budget im looking for some thing un expensive springs, some ones stocks that i can use to get better ride and specially a better traction to better launchs, ive notice that so many fellas install an a 4 cil spring in their notch´s, a friend of mine is going to give as a present his rear lx 5.0 stock springs, so i know that the convertible uses an specific springs rates, i think ins because the bigger weigth, any way, i will like if any of you guys have the rates of the stock springs, i mean the lx 4 an 8 cil, the notch, the convertible, the hatch, etc.

thanks a lot in advance :nice:
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wow, thanks a lot JustA5.0 :nice:, thats a great info, and thats exsacly what im looking for, did you have the all manual? it would be great have it because i see that have a lot and plenty info :jaw:

In paper I have that handbook, electronically no. I believe that webpage is just an example of what's inside the book, just happens to be info on the area you need. The book only cost me like $30 though, easily worth it.