fox to sn95 alt question


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Nov 30, 2003
is there a difference between the alternator in a 94gt to the 89gt. if im ot mistaken the 94gt alt has a little more juice outage. but im not sure. before i go buying it i was wondering if it would be worth the extra effort to put it in my 89gt...thx - james
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The 3g alternator (94-newer) has alot more juice. The 3g stock has 130 amps to fox's 75. PA performance makes a kit for the fox body because there is some additional wiring is required. also you would have to grind down the inside of the alternator bracket due to the size. I use their 150 amp alternator. It has more than enough to run an electric fan, water pump, sound system, Ignition box, and aftermaket computer with the A/C blasting! Just plan on spending over $200.00 for the set up.
Yes there is a big difference between the 94 and 89. I did the conversion on my 93GT, and saw a huge difference. The casing for the 94 alternator is also a little bigger and requires clearancing on the alternator bracket. You also need to get a bigger gauge power wire to run from the alternator to the starter solenoid. I am sure if you searched there would be plenty to come up on what to do exactly to make your own power wire, or you can go to and just buy it.
Pull the heavy gauge wire that goes to the sylenoid.Or,you can get a kit,or,make your own.I pulled the harness from a Taurus and cut away the useless wires until I was left with the 4 gauge wire.It was a perfect fit.The wiring is the hardest part of the job,and it's not even that hard.The upgrade is well worth it.I did mine in about an hour.I could do it faster a second time.
ya....i've been reading previous posts and jricker's posts which are alot of help....but no one has asked about the wiring....i figured it would be easy to lift it out of the old car and into mine
Personally I like to do things new and forget about them. In the heat of the desert, wires get 'crunchy' and insulation vulcanizes.

I just redid the alt wiring in the '94 because I was dropping 400 mV through 3' of alt cable. If you can find a gem of cable and wiring, do like Vinnie and cut it out (cut as much/long a runs as you can) and if not, just make your own. Do check the wiring gauge to make sure the OEM wiring in the donor car wasnt of marginal gauge to start with.

Good luck.