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wrap a little cheese around it and its a done
Oct 4, 2020
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Jan 12, 2021
Zanesville Ohio
I have one. I've had to use it once. A couple kids in ricers ran me off the road into the curb and it took out my side wall. They were racing each other, weaving in and out of traffic. So I guess a cut tire is better than a crunched fender,
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My dad had a bra
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Sep 5, 2001
Fort Knox, KY
That spare is a 2015+ Mustang spare kit.

It doesn't clear big brakes like Brembo's, Stoptechs, Baer and such, but I think it works fine with Cobra brakes.

The kit is part number FR3Z-1K007-C, and you might be able to get it cheaper from your local Ford dealer

Ford Spare Tire
Agreed. I think I may copy your approach in concept with another wheel, or exactly if I have trouble determining what may not clear the blue car's Brembos & the black car's Baers. I suspect the Brembos may be a little tougher to clear. Plus, your wheel is available on Summit for $130, without a tire, of course. The one on LMR is $300! Yours looks better and weighs less, too.


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Oct 21, 2020
The weight means nothing on a street car.
May even make things worse considering it's directly over the rear tires.
I see no reason to drive around without a spare tire.
You know what I put my factory spare tire with 60 pounds tire pressure with the jack and tire iron bought new ones from LMR and it seems to handle better .....
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WAIT,you now have a pair?
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Apr 3, 2009
if your car is just a hobby car then no need for the spare, but
if you daily it then def. have one and make sure you check it once in awhile.
as you know ive dailied my car for fifteen years now, one time on my way to work i got a flat on the parkway at 70 mph.
pulled the space saver spare and within a mile it f#ing came apart from old age ,probably sat there for 20 years rotting away.
now i carry a full size and since cobra brake upgrade i have a five lug, its a 16 inch so if i get a rear flat no biggie. but front ill have to change spare to rear then put rear on front.
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