Front tires rubbing???!!!


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Mar 26, 2006
On my 98GT, the front tires have just recently started to rub on the sway bar when making tight turns. My car has been lowered running 17x9 Cobra R w/275/4017 since I bought it brand new. The inner/outer tie rods, rack and pinion, lower ball joints have all been replaced with no help. I am pulling out my hair trying to diagnosis this problem as it just started out of ther blue. Any suggestions would be very helpful.
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well, do you know for sure that the tire is rubbing the swaybar or is it a guess? unless you can see tire marks on the swaybar, sometimes rubbing occurs when the inner fenderwell trim has came loose and hangs also

some springs drop rates vary, even the same exact kind can be different, your steedas might have settled down more since it was new, especially with a wide tire like a 275 in the front
I see tire marks on the swaybar and I've had the springs in there for about 50k miles. I also had someone verify that it is rubbing by looking as I turned the wheel. My ride height has also not changed either.
Is it only at full lock when you turn the wheel? Tire rub will always happen at full lock, especially on a lowered car with a wide tire having the front swaybar. There's nothing you can really do about it unless you go with a less wider tire or remove the front swaybar.
Stangdriver, it happens at full lock. The thing is the rubbing occured only recently. I have been running this setup pretty much since I bought the car new. The rubbing is REALLY bad.
You're getting more sidewall flex from the front tires than in the past. Some brands of 275/40/17 tires are wider than others brands.

You could increase the PSI to help reduce the rubbing.
im getting some rubbing on my swaybar on the passenger side at full lock

17X9 cobra wheels and a steeda sway bar

anything i should be worried about? should i just try not to go full lock on that side