Fuel Fuel Filter


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Jun 9, 2002
A few years ago, i had an AEM methanol kit, Aero 340lph fuel pump and 3/8 or 5/16 fuel lines installed. I forgot which size but it was the next step wider than stock.

I went under my 93 GT to change the fuel filter and discovered that it was relocated to the passenger side and the fuel filter itself was changed as well.

I now have a Power Flow fuel filter. Looking up the specs, this fuel filter is for a carburated engines! Additionally, the fuel filter is fitted with a 90 degree elow on it's left side!

Now.... my 93 GT is running OK. No sputtering. No backfiring. No idle problems. No issues with hard acceleration. Fuel pressure at 39-40psi AND my Mustang guzzles gas like there's no tomorrow. All normal.

What erks me is the fuel filter is for carburated engines according the specs, and the 90 degree elbow fitting that's attached directly to the fuel filter.

My Mustang is running fine but should i concerned about this odd fuel filter?
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