Fuel Pressure Gauge Question?


Jan 16, 2004
Waterloo, IA
I just wired up my stewart warner electric fuel pressure gauge this weekend. It works but the pressure on the gauge doesn't match the pressure that I have on my under hood gauge. I teed the sender into my gauge that was already under the hood off of the schrader valve. My electric gauge reads 30psi and the underhood reads 38psi it idle. I did leave the schrader valve in, could that be my problem? Could the schrader valve be restricting some flow to the sender so it wont get an accurate reading, but I also have it teed in front of my liquid filled gauge.
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One of them is reading incorrectly. There is no ubstruction of flow because oil is not flowing anywhere, it excerts pressure on the sending unit(s) and stops there. Its difficult to explain exactly how hydraulic systems work... read up on it I guess?