Fuel Pressure Question


Jan 5, 2013
ok guys i have a question about fuel pressure on my foxbody mustang.i installed an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and guage.at idle its right at 40psi,but i when u hit the throttle and rev it out it drops to about 30-32psi. so is it suppose to drop like that. my combo is a 351w with edelbrock rpm heads and trickflow intake.im still using the stock pump.
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Make sure you set the pressure with the vacuum line disconnected and plugged.

The pressure will vary based on the engine vacuum when everything is hooked back up and working correctly
ok because i figured it should go up when reved.but like i said it drops to about 32psi. i have 30lb injectors is it most likely the stock fuel pump cant supply enough pressure. just seems like when driving it and when u put the engine under load it kinda sluggish.