Fuel pump relay for 93 lx location?


Apr 1, 2007
I want to put in a kill switch on my fuel pump relay on my 93 vert. I have heard that ths is under the drivers seat. Today I went looking and found carpet and french fries but no rely. I have read in other posts that the wire color for the fuel pump has a Light blue/Orange, that was found in the cable bundle going to the back of the car.
Another post I came across today said that the fuel pump relay from 91's on is up under the passenger fender I think.
So where is the best place for me to put connect in the kill switch? Could I cut into the bundle wire or do I have to find the relay? Thanks
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the fuel pump wires are run under the driverside rug, atleast in my car anyways. i have a killswitch there now on mine. only reason being that im not longer EFI an im running a holley blue pump which i had hooked up to run through stock relay but it didnt like it. so i have a kill switch on my fuel pump so when i turn the car off, the pump doesnt keep going. annoying an its gonna be changed tomorrow.
Thanks I have found that there are 2 relays on the front passenger strut. Now I need to figure out which is which. What is the color of the cable I want to tap into? Also if there is a place like in the cabin that i can tap the kill switch into is that ok or do i have to be before the relay?