gear install results,& maf question

Jun 17, 2004
mesa, az
well, she's got 3.73's in her now. i think i made a wise choice. i saw a post in here where there was a bit of a debate over gears, particularly 4,10 vs 3.73's. my opinion, 3.73's are perfect, does'nt over rev the engine to where it's out of breath. not to mention, with reduced traction and running out of breath i can see how 4.10 would actually slow a car with stock heads, there's plenty of people running real fast with 3.73 and less, and it's nice to still have some top end speed and be able to cruise in o.d. before the gears it felt like it took a min for it to get in that sweet spot and pull, now it feels like it's right there. i was going about 20 mph in d, in 3rd, floored it and when it went to first it spun the tires just a tad, so i think it's right where it outa be. just my opion and results ofcourse. and btw, don't forget always consider what tires you'll ultimatly be running when you pick your gears as you can tune your gearing a LITTLE with tires.
ok now a couple questions. what in the hell is it, thats in gear oil, that makes it reik so bad? lol......i swear, if you ever wanted to drive some one nutts just put a few drops of that stuff somewhere on their patio, or around their house and they'd go nutts trying to figure that one out....lmao
ok, my next mod will be a transgo shift kit. after that, i guess it's time to mod under the hood. i saw a dyno result for a c&l 76mm maf and it was on a bone stock engine and made like 17 horses more.........then they say the 73 mm is good for about 11. should an maf be next and will a 76mm work?? i know a 73 is all i'd need but thats what the dyno test thing showed on a stock engine for the 76mm. so thought i'd ask, i just don't want drivability issues by goin to will be awhile before i can afford heads or manifold so thinking about some of the other stuff first. any suggestions appreciated..
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thanks for the advice on the maf, i went with the 3.73 because i still wanted to have some o.d. left for the free way and i hate that feeling like i'm topped out all the time. i do plan more mods but am not gonna go to crazy as i have a 65 stang for that if i want. what ever i do will be geared ( no pun intended ) toward keeping it a go anywhere car.
I made my wife upset once when I did a rear end change in the garage and left the gear oil sitting in a tub for a couple of weeks, the garage smelled really, really bad.
my garage still has a tinge of the smell, i put card board uder the drain pan, got maybe one or 2 drips on the floor, i was amazingly clean about it, hosed the garage floor, threw the old card board away, and hosed the diff off after, the only thing i think i didnt clean was the flouresent drop light i used....lmao.....i'll have to clean that and if that doesn't do it i may have to fumigate!
The 373's are probably just right for a T5. I have 4.10's in my C4 equipped 82 and love them. With DR's it hooks and goes. It's not driven much or very far, so nothing else matters.

Gotta just love the smell of old, used gear oil.

Truly hardcore!