Going to the track with the stock shifter...Can I?


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May 9, 2000
Kenmore, WA
As some of you may know already, I broke my Steeda Tri-Ax and I had planned to go to the track tonight. I now have my stock shifter in the car. My first reaction was to call it off for tonight and wait for my shifter to get replaced. Now I am thinking "maybe I can just practice my launch... etc"

I fear hurting my tranny if I go to the track with my stock shifter.

Any advise, techniques, ideas?

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First off, how in the hell did you break your Tri-Ax?! You're a mad man! :lol: Must be all that pent up rage from the video games eh? :D I think you will be fine, many people go to the track with their stock shifters. Just make sure your shifts are precise and you will be fine (might drive around all day and get used to the stocker again just to be safe).
Well ... you're probably back already ... but take out the rubber isolator and use shorter bolts on the shifter to give it a more firm feel. Yea ... and watch how hard ya push on the gear changes! HAVE FUN!!

How did you break the Tri-Ax???