Got my 97 GT weighed


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Dec 11, 2001
Olathe KS
I needed to get rid of the cracked block from my 2.3, so I loaded it in the 97 and recycled it at a local scrap yard. The yard weighs you when you go in, and weighs you on the way out, and pays you for your metal. So they paid me 9.30$ to tell me how much my car weighs and recycle the cracked block. :D

The weight on the way out was 3560. Subtract my 200lb @ss and you get 3360 lbs. That was with slightly less than a half tank of gas, No spare tire or jack (-30lbs), Offroad pipe instead of factory H (-20lbs) and the mach 460 sound was replaced with better components and a 10" sub (+20lbs).

The title says the vehicles curb weight is 3250, which obviously doesn't include fluids.

I need to find some more crap to recycle so I can get paid to weight the 88 next. :lol:
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My title says 3158lbs, and my car is an automatic?

That's way off. I got mine weighed a while back, and I think it was around 3460, and that was with the spare tire, jack, 2 12" subs, and my back pack in the rear seat.

And on the topic of scrap metal. It is worth a lot right now, almost 10 cents/lb around here. My granddad has been carrying scrap off for the last few weeks from the farm; old peanut combines and tobacco harvesters, and random crap that we have pile up over years of time. He's made several thousand dollars so far.
Yeah, scrap is bringing a surprising amount of money these days. My 2.3 block and crank only weighed 120lbs and I got $9.30 for it. Sure, it isn't going to make me rich, but at least I didn't have to pay for it to be hauled away.

I would guess my 97 is on the lower end of the weight scale for a complete car. It is a coupe with a 5sp, which is better than a vert with an auto. :p

I just thought it was interesting to get the car weighed. I'll have to try it again for the 88 though. I'm very curious what it weighs. The title says 2750, and I've removed quite a bit of weight. :)

That is a bit heavy. What type of scale did they have? Did you have to drive one axle on, then the other to get the weight? I weigh 205-215 and I have never weighed that much in my 96-98 cars. Does your track have a scale that you can just drive up on?
I agree, it is a bit heavier than I expected too. I'm not confident in the accuracy of the scale at all. It was a big long truck style scale. You have to remember, this was recycle yard where they weight the trucks/trailers going in and then when they come out. This scale would have a much wider range, like from 1,000 to 40,000lbs in increments of 20lbs, so I doubt it would be that accurate for my car. Not comparable to a track scale at all.

It was raining... that could have added... hmm, 3lbs? lol

I've never noticed a scale at the track I go to. It is just a smaller IHRA track. I'll ask around next time though.