GOvert Project: The Beginning

GOvert Project: The Beginning-UPDATED FRI 3-28-08

It dawned on me that I have never posted this stuff here on Stangnet. I had posted on another Auto Forum and it has since shut down entirely.

The beginning:
I purchased a wrecked '93 Mustang that has a top notch used 2300 and a rebuilt A4LD in it. The 3:73 differential is in good shape too. (3.73 diffy x .7 OD gear=2.611 final drive ratio. Third gear (D) 3:73 when going up hills and 2.611 4th (OD) on a good flat piece of HWY or Interstate.


Eventually I am going to install this complete driveline into my old '65 6 cyl convertible , GOvert: Grabber Orange convertible

The Mustang was hit so hard in the side that the computer would not come out the normal way. I had to use a sidecutter/cut off tool to get to the computer


Finally able to slide the ECM out the front


Main ECM connector for those who havn't seen one


I unplugged the computer and pulled the wiring harness out through the firewall then hooked it back up (It still works)


I am starting to undo the wrap on the harness to start the rearrangement of it


I have since pulled all of the wiring out from under the hood into the interior of the Mustang. I removed the DIS module from the intake and the relay box from under the hood. The will both be mounted the the Electronics board that will be in the glovebox area

otherside of board

Here is a picture of the electronics board mounted to the lower attachment point for the glove box. The view is from the back (this is a dash cut out of a parts car)
ADDED FRI 3-28-08:
I moved the DIS module to the interior of the car. I wondered why FOMOCO installed such a delicate piece of electronics in such a harsh environment. One of their "Better ideas" ? However, before I am dead set on the location for the module I am going to do an RF interference test to make sure that it doesn't cause any "fuzz" on the stereo system.

I really want to use the AC system manufactured by the Texas based company called Vintage Air. I hope that the electronics board and the air box don't interfere with each other. This could hold up the completion of the wiring.

I am deleting the EGR valve and some other "stuff". I took the upper plenum to an "Ace" aluminum welder. Previously I had sawed away where the valve mounted. He did an excellent job welding up the holes. I've filed on it some but it still needs alot of work.

More text and pics as soon as I get more batteries
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GOvert Progess: Copied from another Forum

Today I moved this here from another Forum

GOvert August '07 Update

It has been a couple of months since I have been able to work on the GOvert project however here is a quick update.
I happily got the electrical system re-routed in a rough sort of way. There are about 50 wires now that will have to be made longer or shorter. I was showing it to Mark the last time he was out and I kind of missed his question the first time around. I'm not so much trying to eliminate any sensors or systems other than deleting the EGR part of it electrically and mechanically. Actually the challenge was removing the "computer" harness from the main harness. Unlike the early computer controlled cars/engines that had a seperate ECM harness from the main harness, the "93 4 cyl Mustang had just one, big, messy harness. I sucessfully seperated the computer harness out of the main harness and over a period of 2 to 3 months and a whole lot of coffee, did this without letting out any "magic smoke". I've got the car back at the shop now and have left the battery hooked up for almost 3 months now without any electrical problems or dead battery syndrome.

As you can see from the picture it is quite a "nest" of wire and this doesn't include the 10 or so pounds of wire and instrument cluster that I deleted. The starter solenoid is mounted on the inside of the cowl and when it is installed in the '65 mustang will be located in the righthand torque box near the starter accessible from the inside of the car by folding back the front passenger carpet and removing an access panel to get to the solenoid.

The battery is behind the drivers seat now and in the '65 will be under the left rear seat installed much like and old VW Beetle battery was from the factory.
Edited 6-3-22 If this battery location does not work out it will be located in the trunk. The 2300 air filter box is occupying the original battery location.

The engine compartment area is starting to look cleaned up a bit without all the wires running to the DIS module, relay box etc. When I install the headlight and other harnesses in the '65 I am going to route them through the frame rails to kind of "hide" them too.

Well this is all for now and I am going to have to save up for all of the metal required to rebuild the sub-body.

Inner convertible rocker assy's
One piece floor pan
Convertible quarter panels
Trunk floor drop offs
Rear frame rails (back halfs)
Rear conv cross brace
Front aprons
Radiator support
Front frame rail repair panels

More later...........:flag:

UPDATE3-27-2008: I still need all off the metal but working on the front brake and steering at the moment. I'm probably going to install everything in and onto my '66 coupe for the moment. That way I will have a driver while I rebuild the convertible body.
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GOvert Brake System part !

Not all of the ideas posted here for the GOvert Project are my own. I will give credit when credit is due

A few months ago on a Saturday I had a couple of hours that I could start working on the brake system. I saw on Mustang Steve's Website where he installed an '83~'93 Foxbody Mustang brake booster on a 65-6 Mustang.
Well I had handy a junk booster, a busted up brake pedal brace, and a piece of firewall from a chopped up '66 Mustang.


I used a sidecutter and ground on the backside of the nutserts on the brake pedal brace. The used a small hammer to knock them out. I also had to trim on one side of the brace a little for the booster nut to clear. I made a template off of the backside of the booster to transfer to the firewall. Two holes up top have to be enlarged a little. Center hole some and add two holes at tbe bottom. One hole goes right through where the clutch rod would go on a manual trans car. This WILL NOT work with a stock Z-bar set-up ( My "stang will have an auto trans).

Below is a pic of it all bolted together (Poor quality pic, I will replace it soon)

Soon I will add part 2
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Well Hello everyone ! I don't really know where to start , however I am glad that my project posts that Have been on ice here at STANGNET , still exist.
It has been a while since I have worked on the project and I could give a lot of reasons , poor economy , marriage , deaths in the family , births in the family , family in the hospital , house fires , shed fires , car wrecks ....PC died.....Hey it's beginning to sound a lot like LIFE !
But enough of that, I did start this project in early 2008 and I do remember that gas was well over $3.50 a gallon of even more , and that at the time was the motivation for installing 20-25 mpg 4 cyl.
I did work diligently , or maybe obsessively on the project summer of 2014 and I do have some pictures that I will put on soon.
I quick scanned what I had posted in '08 and am glad to report that GOvert is not entirely dead and in fact the drivetrain is mocked up in the '65 and even the front steer front-end is coming along with just a few more details to make it steer on its own.
There is an unknown number of scores of hours in working on the engine harness and I rerouted it to go through the factory AC lines hole . I'll show more of that when I get my film developed (LOL).
Stan tuned and I will attempt to keep the project updated thanks to my wife's new PC with Windows 10 and a MAJOR up-grade to Uverse
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Good morning everyone . I last posted on Dec 31st 2015 . I havn't had the opportunity to work on the GOvert project , but since I last posted my 6th grandchild has been born , a healthy baby girl with all 10 fingers and 12 toes.(LOL) just kidding, 10 and 10(pic to come soon).
I dug around on here and on page 392,
GOvert Project: Front brakes | Mustang Forums at StangNet
GOvert Project: Front brakes | Mustang Forums at StangNet

(confused about the hyperlink)
and found more info about my front end and brakes . One notable change is that I will be using a M II manual R & P because the Fox body rack is 3 " too wide. (perfect for my 55 F100 though). Also ,I would have had to cut a hole in the drivers side shock tower for the C2 pump to clear.
NOTE- I know that we all like to see pictures, but I really am using an Olympus OM-1 to take pictures and I am not at the end of the roll yet . (us older people know what film is).
another NOTE- If someone can tell me how to block this thing called AD CHOICES , A will buy you a beer or a COKE when I see you (IT HAS TURNED A 10 MINUTE POST INTO AN HOUR)
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What dennis112 said on Fire Fox will help .

On your 55 F 100 ,have you checked into the Crown Vic front suspension swap ? The Vic front suspension unbolts as a complete unit and is a very simple install into most of the old Ford F 100s .This one is in a 62 F100 .You can pick up a Crown Vic cheap on Craigs List .
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Good morning y'all (you all), with gas prices on the rise (thanks to mother nature or are we getting price gouged ?) I have been thinking about GOvert again. I have a roll of film that I still need to get developed. Yeah,yeah, I need to get a digital camera.
I will be working on the steering when I pick back up on the project soon as Saturdays allow me to. Mowing season is almost over here in north Alabama and the 7 weeks earlier in the year have gotten me real familiar with RED riding Murray's and B & S 16.5 and 17 hp versions. If in doubt about your OHV's condition, adjust the valves. It takes about 15 minutes.
I will update GOvert soon. Everyone stay safe and don't forget your umbrella or poncho. Irma is headed northward !
Gas prices have me thinking about the GOvert project again. Many things have happened since I last worked on it. 2 more granchildren and the Memorial day morning 2019 I had a mild stroke caused by a 100% clogged left side carotid artery. Dr (Vascular Surgeon) said that he could not operate on a 100% clogged artery. From the time that I had the stroke I quit smoking cigarettes (nasty azz things) and by the middle of October when it was time for surgery my artery was 99% clogged. After exploratory surgery on a Tuesday then on Wednesday morning the Dr. said that he could put in a stint on the left side. Good for me. I guess stopping smoking made the difference. I've stayed quit despite my Wife still smoking. She doesn't understand how much more challenging that it makes it.
Back to the project. I've worked on umpteen vehicles with my brother/business partner since I have been able to work on GOvert. I noticed today that the row of vehicles that is parked in is just behind the row that we're on now. We've practically quit accepting customer work because it kept pushing our on cars back from us. and we're not getting any younger, so it is time to just work on our own. Brother has a pretty nice digital camera and we will get some pictures soon.
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Update to the March 31st 2022 update.
I have looked under the hood of GOvert in the recent weeks. The C2 steering pump interference with the left hand shock tower was remedied by using a Mustang II manual rack and pinion steering rack. Also I can make it a power set-up still. Me and bro have been studying 2004-2009 Toyota Prius EPS. Electric Power Steering. We have rounded up 4 systems and the are all around us in the area that we live and work. These are salt free systems if that matters. It matters to us because the systems are easy to remove all the way to the rack if they are not rusty. There are many write-ups online if you search. When retrieving these systems, make sure that you get the power connector and the command connector and Don't clip the motor wires or the steering position sensor wires. Now that I have figured out how to get pictures from my flip phone to the internet, I will be able to add a few pictures.
I was working with the fuel injectors the last time that I was under the hood and the next time that I open the hood I will get some pics. A picture is worth a thousand words....
I added one picture of the modifications to the Prius steering. This will fit under a 1965-66 Mustang dash and maybe other years too.

This is just the first draft. I'm sure the finished product will be a little different.
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Picture of 2004-09 Toyota Prius EPS. When retrieving this from a junk/parts car, clip only the heavy gauge power supply connector and the power on box connector from the main body harness. Don't forget to get the little ps control module (box) when you are getting the rest of these parts. It will not work without it.

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Picture 0f 2300 mounted in the '65 sub body

I'm looking around my place for another coil to replace the one I borrowed from it while I was trying to fix another Ford product that was burning up coil packs. I quit after I "smoked" 7 coils. I saved one because I hear that this 2300 will run with just the rear coil and passenger side plugs. Mybe you 2300 guys can give me some performance tips. I heard something about rearranging the left side (front coil) firing order. What octane is best for these stock engines? Also I have non-alcohol fuel near me if it is a plus.
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