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Jun 30, 2001
So. Cal.
Hello All,

I have been clearing out the garage for a new project and came across a box of parts I had purchased for the 66 and never used. Most of these items still have the NPD label on them. Pricing them all on NPD site they come to approximately $300. I am looking to get $125 + shipping for the whole lot (not interested in separating). I am a car guy too, so I have tried to be as honest with the descriptions as possible, but feel free to ask any/all questions.

Shipping Costs within continental US.
Using a USPS Priority Mail large flat rate box it would cost $15.25 plus $2.75 for insurance if you want it. It is a tight fit, but with the front and rear windshield rubber gaskets/moulding coiled around the more fragile stuff I think it is pretty safe.

Items are located in So. Cal. (Huntington Beach).
I can be contacted at [email protected]

Rubber plug kit complete
Door seal
Scott Drake Door hinge mount kit (bolts)
Grille moulding joint for 66
Seal: door/window jamb
Windshiled molding clips (Front & Rear) 65 Coupe
Mirror (outside) mounting pad (for round head mirror)
Window regulator rollers 2 piece kit (have 2 kits)
Door weather strip kit (includes plastic fasteners)
Clutch release lever boot
Vent window weather strip kit (2 piece)
Trunk lid bumber set (2 piece)
Hood bumper nut kit
Starter solenoid
Kickdown cable
Kick down return spring bracket
Rear window weather strip 65 - 68
Windshield weather strip 65-68 Mustang / 67-68 Cougar
Cowl vent repair collar kit 65-70
Scott Drake Sun Visor tips
Scott Drake back up lens
Scott Drake interior trim kit
Steering column sleeve
Door latch area repair/ reinforcement kit
Seal: Steering column to firewall
Grille mount grille ornament retainer
Seal: Roof side rails with green clips
Seal (2 piece) with screws
Battery clamp
Coat hook (original used)

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