Fox GT40P Heads Exhaust Setup

Im sure this has already been answered, but it's hard to find a straightforward answer on the interwebs. I wanted GT40 heads, but junkyard had the P's for 70 bucks so here I am. I know about the sparkplug situation, and atleast I know I need 90* boots. Speaking of which can someone send a link to some quality ones? Anyway, the biggest question. I can't afford $400 mac headers, and I don't want long tubes. What are the best choices for shorty headers? I've heard BBK, I've heard ebay headers, can't find any ford performance ones, and I'd like to run PYPES headers but idk if those will fit. Can anyone help me out with a choice? I just dont want to have to pull the motor to change a damn plug :lol:
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10 Year Member
May 8, 2006
It's been 10 years since I played with it, but had luck with BBK shortys and a short spark plug. I do not remember the plug number, but guarantee you can find it through researching this forum.