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  1. AydenTv

    What's it Worth? 89 LX Convertible 5.0 Or 97 Cobra??

    I have a Stock 89 LX Convertible with a 5.0 inside it.. posted it on fb for 5k and a guy dm'd me and said he had a 97 Cobra with 3:27 gears, bbk Cold air Inrake, Bbk suspension, 133k miles, saleen rims, 5 speed, and says the vin comes back as a real cobra.. but the seats was changed to cloth...
  2. AydenTv

    Engine My Foxbody Firing order is different

    I got this 89 LX Convertible with the 5.0 motor.. wemt to change distrubutor cap but first checked to see how the plug wires went on google.. 137 blah blah was every 5.0 HO motor firing order.. i noticed it was different.. it has tje 154 non HO 302 firing order.. idk why... it looks just like a...
  3. A

    Engine 1990 Fox wont rev over 3500 RPMS

    Hey guys, I am new to the StangNet forums and I am helping a buddy work on his 1990 Mustang Foxbody 5.0. He purchased the car a couple of months ago and we have been working on this issue occasionally in the evenings. Heres the problem: The car starts and drives fine, with no idling issues...
  4. D

    stock rocker arms breaking

    So i currently have a 93 lx 5.0 mustang with keith black 116 domed pistons, a Lunati Voodoo .571/.587 lift .282/.290 duration and a 110 degree lobe separation cam, now i have the stock junk E7 heads which have been ported and this is supposed to be a budget build and later on it will have a set...
  5. A

    Car starts but dies

    I’ve got a 1988 LX 5.0. Recently the car has been starting fine but sometimes it does take couple tries to start. When I brake to stop at a stop light car immediately dies (90% of the time). Usually when I’m driving the RPM shoots straight down and picks right up. I have put in a brand new IAC...
  6. C

    Engine Gray smoke from exhaust. Smells like gas.

    1987 5.0 Mustang GT Foxbody So I recently got a car that had been sitting for a while probably for about 10 years. When turning on the car it shootclouds of gray smoke and smelled like gas. I changed the fuel injectors, fuel tank and fuel pump thinking it would fix the issue. When the car is...
  7. White85fox

    New from Idaho

    1985 mustang gt owner from Idaho, just joining the stangnet fam. This is my second fox and right now it is bone stock ready for goodies this summer.
  8. 5

    3.55 gears for a 87 mustang automatic transmission

    I was wanting to change the rear gears on my 87 mustang, automatic transmission. Currently I have 2.73 gears, and I want something that is good for the street and the highway, because I would still like to do long distance highway driving. Back in the 90s when my uncle still owned the car he had...
  9. 8

    Engine Turbo fox build hot start issue

    Hi new to the page and in desperate need of some guidance. I have a 89 fox 5.0 with an on3performance turbo set up and for the life of me cannot figure out my hot start issue. Car has 60lb injectors, 340lhp fuel pump, new high torque starter, new coolant temp sensor, new plugs, wires, cap...
  10. 9

    Need held, Strange Sound at Ignition

    I recently purchased my first project car, a mostly stock 92 5.0 w/ the exception of a trick flow top end kit and some other small upgrades that can be seen in the photo attached. Working on a budget I decided to replace the head gaskets myself with the help of some mechanically inclined friends...
  11. D

    Whats the best intake for me?

    Hey guys i have a 91 fox lx and im trying to decide what intake i should run to get the best results. Its a 306 with full forged bottom end aluminum edelbrock heads b303 cam and a whole bunch of other things. I am running an intercooled p600B procharger on the car also. I have no clue the make...
  12. Foxbody1988

    Engine Camshaft questions and supercharger

    Want to slap a supercharger on my 1988 foxbody but I have some questions. i have a Crower stage 3 camshaft. Specs Lobe Separation of112 Intake lift .112 Exhaust lift .131 I got it from a buddy, and I was doing some research on it and I noticed it said not compatible with computer controller...
  13. M

    Drivetrain Vibration In Every Gear T-5 Tremec!

    Okay, been chasing this issue for awhile, previous owner says its a rebuilt t5 with 5k miles on it. After driving it for a few months i was going about 50 dropped it to third and gave it hell. after that i had blown my coolant hose off and over heated. pulled over put it back on, took off and...
  14. Y

    My new ‘89 LX Conv 5.0

    Couple of quick pics of my birthday present. I wanted this car so badly in high school. 30 years finally in one. Now to make look like new and run even better. Hoping to lean on some of y’all for advice in the coming months. Wish me luck!
  15. C

    Considering rebuilding my 1989 mustang GT 302

    I have a 1989 mustang GT 5.0 manual trans I believe the car is bone stock besides a cold air intake. I have never attempted an engine rebuild but. I have always wanted to my goal for the motor is to make around 400rwhp I don’t want it to be a daily driver but I am seeking reliability I wanna be...
  16. J

    Engine 5.0 aluminum head install

    hi everybody so recently i got gifted a ton of 351 and 302 parts and i have a question because while i have changed whole motors and and intakes i still have yet to do a head install. I was given a pair pf x302 ford raving heads for 302/351 and i was wondering could i reuse the springs, roller...
  17. H

    1993 mustang gt sparks problem!!

    A little about myself-- I'm a high school student who has recently started working on cars on my own. I've been learning a lot through repair books and online references and have been very enthusiastic towards anything that has to do with cars. I have a '93 gt 'stang that i've inherited from my...
  18. J


    i daily drive my 1989 gt i love it to death its gotta be the most fun ive ever had driving and working on it! ive swapped the motor n tranny some mounts and bushings, rear end, rear upper amd lower control arms, complete 5 lug 4 wheel disk upgrade. The only thing i haven't touched is the...
  19. Foxbody1988

    Would this get me to 300rwhp?

    Hi guys, so I’m relatively new to this forum and I would like to hear from some people who can tell me a little more about what would make my car reach 300rwhp. I would like to start of by saying I don’t want nitrous oxide or any boost. I just want naturally aspirated. I don’t plan on any...
  20. F

    Replacing Ignition Parts - Brand/Upgrade Confusion Help

    Hey everybody, Been searching through the threads but having trouble finding something more recent. I want to do a tune up on my 88 GT running what looks like pretty much original ignition parts. I replaced the spark plugs with standard autolites based on comments i could find in searches...