foxbody 5.0

  1. Jonatan Issa


    Yesterday my 93 fox was running like it has no fuel and it has fuel. Today was when I drive it was all good. The first day I buy it did the same thing
  2. Jonatan Issa


    my 1993 Mustang these last days after 10-15 minutes the temperature begin to rise, normally stay below half The fan clutch was changed when buy it because was overheating And the I think the thermostat is opening I took this picture inside the rad that’s don’t look normal
  3. S

    Foxbody steering wheel

    I’m looking for ideas on what type of steering wheel to get. I’d like to find one that will fit in my 88 Fox that has radio controls. Newer cars have way nicer wheels aesthetically and feel. There might not be anything that I can use that has radio controls already built in. I can figure out the...
  4. TonyMano

    Resolved I need a guide installing AFR 165 heads and 97 Explorer Upper/Lower Intake

    I got a stock 90 Mustang LX 5.0 (except cam), So what is all the supporting part that I will need to upgrade?
  5. K

    88gt swap into 1993 4 cylinder

    I have a 1988 gt donar mustang that I want to take the motor and transmission out of and swap into my 1993 mustang 4 cylinder. The donar car runs and drives but is rusted at the frame and strut towers beond repair. I am confident I know everything about the mehcanical side of the swap however...
  6. T

    Help with tire and fender gap difference all around

    Can anyone help me identify the potential problem as to why my tire to fender gap ration is different on all sides. I will mention that this was backed into on the front clip of the driver side, but i cant remember noticing the gaps being diffrent on all sides, has anyone dealt with this issue...
  7. K

    89 fox crank no start

    I know there are endless threads of problems just like what im dealing with i know because i started there first. Ive gone through the majority of the crank no start check list that some folks have been kind enough to share. Im afraid im still at a bit of a roadblock so to speak. The run down i...
  8. 1


    Hello everyone, New to this page here. I have a 1990 Mustang 5.0 ( manual T-5) I just replaced the starter with a brand new SVE high torque mini starter from LMR. I also put in a new fender mount solenoid. When I go to start the car, it makes a loud rubbing / grinding noise. It’s not the same...
  9. opihinalu

    Drivetrain How to identify year of rear end?

    Hey all, I’m shopping for an 8.8 for my fox and I found this on Facebook market place. The guy doesn’t know if it’s an 8.8 or what year it comes from. He says 94-04. Can anyone tell me how to identify? Or just identify for me with this pic? Also, will 94-98 mustang rear ends all bolt up to my fox?
  10. Thepreacher413

    Foxbody issue for 2 years

    I’ve been having this issue for 2 years. Hasn’t been drove because I can’t fix it. When I crank it up cold it’s fine, then when it drops to idle rmps it will dip to 200 rpm real fast and then back to 700 back and forth fast until it dies. When I rev it up, it will come back down to 1000 rpms and...
  11. N

    Engine Fuel pump won’t turn on

    91 GT. Went to start a few weeks ago and battery was dead. Ended up replacing it completely, will crank but no start fuel pump endless priming, read on forums it’s capacitors on ecm. Replaced capacitors which all looked bad and I’m still in the same situation just now the fuel pump doesn’t turn...
  12. J

    Engine 89 lx 5.0 sporadic missing and dies

    I have a maf car it has gt40p heads and tfs intake. It has the smog pump delete and I’ve check for vacuum leaks and the iac. TPS is set right and timing is good. Cap, rotor, plugs, and plugs are good. Any ideas would be awesome.
  13. D

    91 GT Convertible AOD Upgrades

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my stock AOD Transmission in my 91 Fox Convertible. My engine is stock, but I have some intake and exhaust modifications. I bought a shift kit from Baumann already, but I want to change the stock gears to a 4.10. I heard that if you upgrade the gears you should...
  14. D

    1991 Mustang GT SN95 5 Lug Conversion, Wheel Sizing and Offset Questions

    Hello, I am planning to purchase 94-95 Spindles for my 91 Fox GT Vert, and looking to buy Fox-Length rear axles. I'm installing Cobra front and rear brakes, and removing the quad shocks, and replacing the front and rear control arms for aftermarket tubular control arms. I'm thinking of going...
  15. opihinalu

    Engine Drove great for 20 minutes, shut off and now no crank no start.

    Hey all. After working on my fox for a while I finally decided to give it a drive. I drove it to my girlfriends house and it drove great, no problems at all and it felt so good to be driving her again. I get to her house and we are going to go get breakfast. We hop in the fox and I get maybe 2...
  16. opihinalu

    Brakes JB weld to fix brake fluid leak?

    I know I know this is probably a terrible idea, but I recently installed a wilwood proportioning valve because my stock one was leaking. When I installed this, on the inlet side the brake line was slightly bent and caused me to strip the female threads on the proportioning valve. I went on my...
  17. opihinalu

    Engine First start after 8 months, smoking in the engine bay.

    I started my foxbody today for the first time in 8 months after I replaced the radiator, added an electric fan, thermostat, hoses, water pump, AC clutch, brake proportioning valve, air intake, transmission cooler, and serpentine belt. It started smoking around the area near the battery and the...
  18. opihinalu

    Brakes Bleeding the brakes

    I installed an adjustable proportioning valve and now I need to bleed the brakes. Do I need to jack up all 4 sides of the car to do this? I can’t locate the bleeder valve on the rear drums so I feel like I really have to get under and behind them for it to work.
  19. opihinalu

    Brakes Am I flaring my brakes the wrong way?

    I stripped one of my flare nuts and I am attempting to replace it. I cut the line and put the new nut on. Now I am trying to double flare the line. I really don’t understand though. I have been practicing this on some 5/16 transmission cooler hardline that I cut off of my car. I could not get...
  20. opihinalu

    Electrical What is this connector?

    What is this connector? It is on the drivers side right next to my power steering filler. It goes into a wiring harness. Also you might be able to see in the first picture, why is power steering fluid on top of the cap? This car has not been run in over 6 months. Is it leaking out somehow?