Guyz running multiple guages...


Feb 23, 2003
How do you run your wiring for guage lights? I have 6 guages now, just added 2 in guage cage(2 in guage cage, 1 on A-pillar, Tach, 2 on cowl vent) I don't wanna run it all too 1 fuse or splice everything to one wire, think it might overload or won't be strong enough to keep all 6 guages lit bright. How are you guyz running yours??? Thanks for any help!
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you could probably run the gauges inside the car off the dimmer circuit. if you are worried about overloading the ISO circuit, tap into the headlight switch or the brown wire in the kick panel (parking light feed). no dimming, but a fat circuit. id use the brown wire for the cowl gauges - do fuse those specifically since they are more susceptable to seeing harms way.

my two cents worth.
good luck.