h/c/i question

Anyone know what kinda hp and trq figures on an 88 gt using afr 165's, tfs stage one cam, tfs trackheat upper and lower and a 65mm t-body. I have equal length shorties, off-road h-pipe and flowmasters. Also do i need different length puishrods if i use the afr 165's and the tfs stage 1 cam??


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Apr 5, 2003
Pflugerville, TX
dude, dont waste your time with that little cam on those kind of heads. if i were you, go with this combo, its tried anf proven to work, and will net you at least 325+ rwhp out of a 302/306.

1) afr 165cc heads
2) holley systemax II intake
3) CROWER 15512 CAM!!!

more than a couple of friends run that combo, and are in the mid 12's on motor and all over 330rwhp with supporting componenets. one of them runs that combo carbed, except with a fully ported edelbrock performer rpm gap intake, a holley 750carb, and a electric pump.. and made 368rwhp/360rwtq on the motor and ran a 11.94 @ 114 in a 2900 lb coupe. telling you, that combo is the way to go.


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Jan 15, 2002
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I know a guy running that combo but a performer EFI intake and he runs pretty good. For some reason his cam has worse drivability than the B cam I have. He doesn't run any faster than I do either.