hail damage


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Nov 13, 2000
Tulsa, Ok
Did anyone get caught in that hail storm a few weeks back in Tulsa? My '98 Cobra got demolished. My dents are too deep for paintless dent repair. So, I have the car sitting in the bodyshop right now. Final estimate on my car is $2664, OUCH! Anyone familar with The Finishing Touch(body shop) in Sapulpa, OK?

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Ya, that was bad. Dads truck is covered in dents, our roof is a "complete loss" on our house which is good for us cuz it needed to be replaced anyways. My mom was in jenks or somethin so didnt get any. My friends moms new benz is in the shop for like 6k$ of damage :rlaugh: glad i own a old police car, no damage and i wouldnt care anyways. haha sorry to hear about your car good luck with the body shop.