Drivetrain Hammer Shifter???


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Nov 4, 2013
Morgantown, WV

I have been looking into updating my mustang's automatic transmission. The original AOD was replaced with a factory replacement about 5 years ago and it operates like a top. But I'm just missing that performance feel. Something I had always wanted to do was to install a "hammer" style shifter and it seems B&M has done just that with their Hammer shifter that fits with the factory consol. I hear different things from different people. I have a very basic understanding of how they work, but have never used one so I'm not that sure. I want to be able to switch between Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive but also I want to be able to select between all the forward gears (1,2,3,OD). What do I need to do to be able to do this? I've seen videos of people using them in their cars, but when I asked my friends who also have AODs in their mustangs, they say it can't be done with the stock valve body. Do I need a reverse manual valve body in able to do this? or will the B&M Hammer Shifter for the AOD do all I need?

Any help is appreciated. Thank You
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I have had this shifter on my car for about 10+ years now. The feel of it is really nice.. I run a c4 with a reverse manual valve body. You need a special cable for c4's. The indicator light that tells you what gear your in is very cheaply made so dont expect much with that. Also being that i have a revers valve body the plastic piece that the light shines thru to tell you what gear your in only comes the stock way. So when im in first it shows 3rd. The ratcheting of this shifter feels really good. And your guaranteed not to miss a gear. Comes with a leather boot that is really nice when its new but will soon get very hard if not taked care of, and you'll be lifting the plastic piece that the boot snaps into out of the center counsel when shifting hard. Now i've never owned any other shifter other then this one but i liked the fact that it fit in the factory hole. If i had to do it all over again I would still buy this shifter today. As for your shifting question When the shifter is in park in order to get it out you have to pull up on a lever. Once in reverse you have to do that same to go into park and into 1rst. once your into first or 3rd or 4rth depending on what tranny you run it all ratchets up and down from there. Meaning you no longer have to pull the lever to go between gears. So I wouldnt see why you couldnt shift the same way as a manual.
It's a ratchet shifter, meaning once you get past R into N, you ratchet back down the gears from d-1 and then back up to d. To go from P to R or from N to R you need to lift up on the spoon- its a reverse lockout to prevent you from overshifting into R. It's a nice feeling shifter that will allow you to hold a gear and manually shift by just pushing back or forth on the shifter.

I installed one in my car about a year ago. Im happy with how it works- but there are not too many choices out there for the AOD in a fox. The quality of these shifters is hit or miss, and guys have complained these shifters get sloppy after time. Another thing to know is the adjustment for shifting is sometimes a PITA and you may have to fab up a bracket to allow the stock cable to reach the shifter arm to allow the shifter to go through all the gears. If you have an original cable if it is stretched buy a new cable as it won't allow the shifter to go through all the gears.

You can get these shfiters new for about $150 or used for $100. Be careful buying them used as often the reason they are sold is because they are sloppy or the mechanisms are broken. I bought mine used for $90 but I inspected it first.

B&M makes another shifter that IMO is a much better shifter- the Quicksilver- but does not fit into the stock mustang console and requires some cutting and fabbing- so you won't have a stock look.

Here's a pic of it installed. Looks very factory.

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