Hard downshift OD to 3rd


New Member
Feb 27, 2020
Well I'm back with yet another new edge issue! My automatic transmission on my 2001 GT has been having some hard downshifts from OD to 3rd. This typically happens when I'm cruising at 60 and let off the gas to allow the car to slow without braking. I feel a hard clunk as the car shifts down, the issue happens randomly but only going from OD to 3rd. I have no other performance issues. Is it better to brake or is it okay to just let off the gas to let the car slow down? The transmission was flushed a month or two ago and replaced with Mercon V, I wasn't having any issues but I wasn't sure when the previous owner had changed the fluid. I plan on doing a fluid change and replacing the filter and gasket soon and I hope that fixes it. If not, are there common issues with this transmission specifically going from OD to 3rd? I was only able to find one forum with the same issue as me on a fox body and they stated that changing the neutral safety switch fixed their issue completely. I'd appreciate any insight ya'll might have.
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