1. J

    T-5 dilemma

    This question is for my 1991 GT with 281K miles. I think the transmission is finally getting a little worn in the synchros. Around 30K miles or so, the transmission was worked on by the dealer under warranty. I don't know if they replaced it or just took it apart and fixed it. It was...
  2. opihinalu

    Drivetrain How do I remove transmission cooler lines?

    I am trying to remove my transmission cooler lines to install a new radiator and tan on my 86 GT and I can’t figure it out the fasteners out. I loosened them which took some force but now they just keep spinning and spinning. What am I doing wrong?
  3. 93CalypsoConvert

    Fox T5 Speedo Gear Came Loose

    My speedo gear popped loose in my transmission the other day. I can stick my finger in the hole and I can feel the gear towards the back of the tail housing, but I can't feel the little metal retaining clip. Do I need to take this thing apart again and get it out? I'm kinda afraid it will find...
  4. J

    Auto Trans slipping in 4th only on freeway

    I've got an 04 GT auto, it shifts perfect just driving around town, but when I'm on the freeway in 4th and give it a little gas, the traction control light comes on for a second and the transmission feels like its slipping, revs increase but no effect in speed, it almost feels like its trying to...
  5. 93CalypsoConvert

    Fox Here we go. New Transmission Tomorrow.

    I need help trying to decide what the best option is for my transmission. Its a 1993 lx 2.3 swapped to a 5.0. The tranny is the original t5 WC and it needs a rebuild (whining, bad syncros, oil looks like a pound of glitter was poured in). I've done some research and it looks like I've got a...
  6. 9

    Drivetrain T5 trans problem?

    I have a question When my car is in neutral and the clutch is not pressed you can hear and feel the shifter vibrating what is the cause of this?
  7. Eilermoon

    Trans 5th gear whine

    Hey all! i just recently replaced my shifter with a short throw and love it! But about a week after install, my 5th gear began whining. It's only in that gear, when i shift to 4th at the same speed ~55mph, it goes away. I haven't heard this before the swap but it also didn't happen immediately...
  8. DudeStang

    Shifter bracket nuts fell off while driving

    A little background first...a little over a month ago I installed the steeda tri-ax shifter on my 2014 GT. It was fine at first but then recently, the shifter started feeling sloppier and a few times, it went into reverse when I was trying to put it in first gear. I took console out and it...
  9. 5

    T-45 issues

    I have 2000 mustang gt and it used to grind when you would go from neutral into 1st and same thing for reverse. To get it not to do that you had to put it into 2nd than 1st and 5th than reverse for it not to grind. I recently installed a new clutch cable (fire wall adjuster design) and now I can...
  10. S

    1993 Mustang 2.3 L Automatic A4LD Transmission - Help

    Hi, We took my sons 1993 Fox in to a transmission shop to do a transmission swap. The replacement is a used transmission from a 1989 Fox. All indications is that this is a reliable swap with no major issues. However, the shop mechanics installed the transmission before checking any connections...
  11. R

    Engine Who should I go with for a new 351W and manual trans

    I have a 88 GT Mustang and I want to drop in a 351W, not looking to build one up from scratch (time constraints). Basically a crate without the accessories and upper manifold. Future goals is to get to 600 HP. Questions: 1. Much later down the road I plan to do a twin turbo setup. Is there a...
  12. H

    Can’t get into any gear

    Hello, I recently bought a 95 GT and have been having a problem occasionally where only when I’m not moving (like at a stop light or stop sign) it will not let me into gear with the clutch pedal all the way to the floor, I can force it into gear if I push hard enough and it won’t grind but it is...
  13. J

    TR-3650 Clutch Installation

    Just finished installing new clutch in TR-3650 (2002 GT), but there seems to be very little clearance (About 1/2 inch) between the clutch fork and the transmission housing (see first pic). Is this normal? Seems to be very little throw. Wondering if I did something wrong during install. Any...
  14. T

    Aod transmission issues

    Alright so I just swapped in an aod transmission into my foxbody. I currently have it all setup from my last aod with a lokar kickdown kit. I had the pressure for the cable set but it seems to be getting tied up. Car shifts fine but when you launch the car the car won’t shift. When installing...
  15. T

    Drivetrain Is it worth it to rebuild an aod transmission or get something else?

    Is it worth it to rebuild an aod transmission or get something else? Transmission started slipping bad so I was wondering if I should stay with the aod or go to something else.
  16. A

    Holding AOD in gear - responsibly

    I’ve searched about this and most people seem to want to drag race shifting an AOD manually. I simply enjoy holding it in 2nd on country roads to be in that 2-3k rmp range instead of 1k. If I ever downshift its at the right speed to feel smooth, and only one gear at a time, not on the throttle...
  17. Sampinator

    Hard downshift OD to 3rd

    Well I'm back with yet another new edge issue! My automatic transmission on my 2001 GT has been having some hard downshifts from OD to 3rd. This typically happens when I'm cruising at 60 and let off the gas to allow the car to slow without braking. I feel a hard clunk as the car shifts down, the...
  18. J

    1972 Mach 1 wont go above 4k rpm

    So I’ve dreaded doing this for a while because I’ve searched far and wide for answers and I’m still left with the same problem. I have a ‘72 Ford Mustang Mach 1, i bought it with a 2v headed Cleveland, FMX, and a 8in rear. It is a true Q-code car so it is supposed to be a 4V cleveland, with a C6...
  19. B

    T5 bellhousing

    Hi, new here. I've been looking at doing a T5 transmission swap from my current C4 transmission. The t5 I'm looking at is from 1993 and comes with the bellhousing. I'm just wondering if the bolt pattern on that 93 bellhousing will match/mate directly with the 1971 302 engine or would it require...
  20. J

    Tune Causing Problems

    Hello! After having my car Dyno tuned with the SCT X4 Tuner, I have noticed a slight fluttering sound coming from the front of my car when in lower RPMS / higher gears. This sound goes away from either being masked by the sound of my engine or just going away completely; when I accelerate...