Have an extra 4.6....is it worth swapping in v6 for a little flip?


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Jul 14, 2020
Richmond, Va
Hey All!

Not trying to stir up any negativity, but I currently own a 2000 Gt 5-speed with the ol 2v 4.6 in it that I scored for an awesome deal due to some mechanical issues the previous owner couldn't or was unwilling to fix. I was able to fix everything and have a fun car to drive for the last year or so. I have acquired a 32v 4.6 that I now plan to swap in my GT along with a few other things to have a little more fun.

My question is, If I were able to score a v6 around the same year for a good price, would it be worth slapping my 4.6 in it to sell for a little profit? Looking to just make a few extra bucks to put towards my build and use the 2v 4.6 I no longer need to my advantage. I am not trying to make a mock GT out of this swap, literally just want to buy a cheap v6 clean her up slap a v8 in it at bare minimum, and hopefully make a few hundred bucks and give someone a car that might be a nice work commute vehicle or something that's more fun than having a v6.

Let me know what you guys think and I can't wait to give you the whole story on my current build and share it's journey!
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No, without a parts car to Rob parts off, it will be a pita to swap a V8 in and chase down all those little odds and ends you need, like hydroboost for example. Sell them separate, spend time on something else
Thanks I appreciate the feedback, it seems the more I research it, it will be more than what it is worth. Even if I could use parts from my GT it would be pointless because I am not trying to take off things I need to keep. Just a thought that ran through my head laying in bed the other night. Seems my time will be much better spent focusing on my GT build. Thanks again!