head bolt question?


Feb 27, 2006
Well im putting heads on my stang and the instructions say to put thread sealant on the bottem bolts but in the Haynes manual it says to just put oil on them so do i realy need the sealent or can i just get away with just oil?
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Thanks for the info. Anyway why would the haynes manual say to just put oil on them?Also will permatex high temp thread sealant work or is there a better option?

The lower bolts go through water passages, so you need the sealant to stop any leaks that may result The permatex is fine. I used the same stuff
Use teflon pipe dope on the short bolt threads, anit seize under the bolt heads of all bolts. The long bolts get antiseize on the threads.

ARP head bolts with washers- the washer chamfer mates with the radius under the bolt head. Make sure that you assemble them that way or the heads will not torque down properly.
Also make sure there is not oil on the top head bolts either. I ran a tap through myne, sprayed a little brake clean into the hole, and blew some compressed air into it to make sure there was no junk in there.