Head Gasket question...

Im bout to replace valve seals and am planning on doing the head gaskets at the same time obviously...
Im confused on sizing stuff...
306 is .030" overbore and the stock bore is 4"? If im correct id need a 4.030" head gasket correct?
Thanks guys
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New Member
Apr 4, 2010
I'm no pro but I would have to agree that Cometics may be a pain for you. If for no other reason, you're probably not planning on disassembling the shortblock so there's no way (probably) that you're going to have the 50RA or better finish that Cometics need to seal properly, dry. Now, I will say that I just used a set of TrickFlow MLS gaskets on a blower motor when doing a head swap. They don't have the rubber coating that usually just ends up getting buggered up and preventing you from re-using that Cometics use and when paired with Mopar Gasket Sealant (on all layers) I've had no problems so far...
I just discovered Mopar's gasket sealant when researching head gaskets and I can't remember which forum but some kind soul mentioned it and it worked great. The bad part is the guy at the counter at my local Dodge place said they were discontinuing it...figures. I guess that was a long way of saying that I think you'll probably stress more about getting a good seal with MLS gaskets after you research what they require than they are going to be worth to you in your particular build. They are dang fine gaskets, however! I have a friend that has been building engines for NASCAR teams since the mid 70's, I think, and he just switched over to them exclusively.

Again, let me stress that I'm not a pro..just my .02.