Head Question, Take a look

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If need the cylinder heads worked on, make sure you get an experienced porter to work on the bowl area. The combustion chamber design is pretty important. :)
Isn't the bowl same as the chamber? or it's just a nickname ain't it anyways?

K so the heads I might be buying are 61cc, 2 of them are 62cc, and one is 65cc, it had detonation problems and I assume was ported out to clean up whatever damage. I'm thinking about getting a cc'ing kit and working the bowls till all the rest are 65cc and be done, any problems with this? and yeah I have done port work and cc'ing work, I just don't own the equipment.
My mistake. I was using the "bowl" (hence the general shape of the combustion chamber), interchangeably.

Sort of like...

1. More throttle response
2. Touchier throtte