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Mar 23, 2010
Okay so Im currently deployed to Afghanistan and I am dropping a new engine in my car but I want to get a good heads and cam setup now while the enigine is still out of the car, any suggestions on a good setup???
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Okay, so its a 4.6 2 valve SOHC. Im probably not going to be digging into the bottom end just yet and its not going to be my "daily" driver but will be out on weekends and some week days. Pretty much I want a street car with balls ya know. Its completely N/A and I have BBK L/T's, H-pipe, pullies, 78 mm throttle body, alluminum driveshaft 3.73 gears. Sorry for the lack of info on the last post.
I would consider the vortech mongoose kit from MPH or where ever Tim has his shop now. A head cam setup to match these numbers will be the same price and not as streetable as the blower.

If you are set on NA, then I'd go with a set of Trickflow heads/cams.
Trick flow twisted wedge with a good port and pollish job... That way if you decide to boost later you can rebuild that head and have a little extra work done to it and you will be good to go...
Trick flow twisted wedge heads for sure. Crower stage II has a nice rumble and good higher end torque. Just remember ocve you'v commitedt to a N/A cam (customed to run on a N/A motor)... it hurts performance if you switch, later down the line, to a Forced Induction set up if you keep the same cam. On the same token putting a set of FI cams for now and sporting the N/A mod hurts you too. All up to you on what you want later...

From one Afghan Vet to another be safe and Good luck with mods guy...