Heads are coming off, what should I do?

Hey all, I'm pretty new here and would like your opinions. It appears that I have a head gasket leaking oil on the driver side of my Bullitt. So, if I wind up doing head gaskets, should I have heads ported and polished or do cams at the same time? Seems like a waste to pull the heads and do nothing while they're off, when a little more power is always a good thing!

If so, what do you all recommend if I can spend another $1k on top of heads removed and replaced with new gaskets? I can't do the work, and if anyone can recommend a shop here in SoCal I would appreciate that too.

Motor is stock, with 3.73's.

Thanks for your input!
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So you're planning on being able to spend an additional $1K after paying labour to have heads removed?

I'd recommend doing both P&P and cams - here's your 1 time to do it all in the same cost. If I had to pick one, I'd say cams.
cams are around 600, springs are 200 and a tune would run around 300 if you have an xcal2 or chip. If you P&P the heads it would only make sense to put some stage 2 cams in to maximize gains. I tore my heads off not really knowing what I was doing because I blew a gasket as well... Its really not that hard, especially if you have stock exhaust manifolds. I had LT's which had to be removed and reinstalled, total PITA!!

But on the other hand if your not comfortable doing it, have a reputable shop do it.