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Oct 17, 2003
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so the other day i was vacuuming my car, and lifted my passenger floor matt and saw water. i thought there was a hole in the floor somewhere, becasue i have felt it under my seat before. so i was in english class and someone said thats the side the heater core is on. i looked above my carpet and see antifreeze leaking down my firewall. so i should just get the one on latemodel? 30 dollars. would it help if i didnt run my heat until i replaced it? do i need to drain all the coolant out of my car to replace it? im gonna pull my carpet up and out and clean that and fix any rust i see also. thanks for the help.

edit. i see there are ones with hoses and clamps should i get that instead?
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i'd go with a ford replacement heater core. my 89 went through 2 napa's in less than 6 months. just some advice.
you could run your heater unless you dont want foggy windows or hate the smell of antifreeze.
heater core replacement

no you dont have to drain all your coolant and your heater isnt gonna work if the heater core is shot anyways. if you want to wait a while to fix it just bypass the heater core if you cant figure it out PM me and i will give you instructions on that but if you want to change it now its gonna be an experience. the ford place says its a 6 hour job but i did it myself in 4hours. the main tools you will need are a T20 torx head screw driver, a 5/16 socket and extension and a phillips head screw driver. its a good idea to get ziplock bags and label all of those little screws so its easier to keep up with them and where they go. if you plan on doing a you might as well try and find the best heater core possible as you do not want to do this again. just start by removing the armrest/center consloe and shfter boot. the take the speaker grills off then the gauge cluster then find all bolts holding the dash on then have someone help you pick it up and slide it back. and on the firewall i belive its the AC condenser there are two tabs with bolts holding it to the firewall reove them and reove the bolts behind them and the heater/ blower will drop. then you got to remove that agravating cover just be carefull and dont break it. and after that its reasemble time if you try it and run into trouble let me know just PM me before you do it and i will give you my cell in case you need it.
no the only thing that will make it worse is running you car. the heater core circulates coolant through it and heats the coils and air passes through those coils and heats the car. and have you tried the "ford dealership". and i have heard of people not taking there dashes off and using a dremel tool to cut it out and taping it back in but i DO NOT recomend that.
i doubt they are any better but if you had an AC delete car you dont have to pull the dash but if you do, bottom line is the dash is gonna come off. advanced auto parts has 2 different ones and aluminum one and a copper one get the aluminum one as its not gonna corrode as fast
so i just looked again, it really feels like water thats in my floorboards, not coolant. i still have plenty of coolant in the overflow though. the insulation seems kinda wet but the front of it is kinda dry...where is the core located, right below the glove box? like right to the left of the fan looking thing? the thing that looks wet is more like sticky against the firewall... im really confussed, the junk really looks like water...
the heater core is above and to the left of the fan when you look at the firewall under the hood you see the two rubber hoses running into the firewall the heater core is directly behind that and it doest have to be a big leak the core could have just a small pinhole in it. and if you do not have straight anti freeze in your mix its gonna look like water.
The dash does not need to come out to replace the heater core, but it does have to come almost completely dosconnected. The manual wioll tell you to disconnect the A/C etc but its not necessary. I see your in VA... you will probably want your heater back quick!!! I ouwlkd not bypass in your situation for long but thats up to you.
If you have ever compared a Factory Ford Heater Core to a aftermarket (even heavy duty0 you would not waste your money on the aftermarket. The are much stronger and better "heat exchangers" Ever wonder why Fords heaters will hburn you out... its because of the heater core. Its worth the extra expense, especially when you see how much of a Pain it is to change it.
do you run your window defrost? it could be a clogged evaporator drain. and the condensation is building up and draining into your car. if it doesnt smell or feel like coolant than it probably isnt coolant....right?
I had a bad heater core, too. I live on the north coast of Ohio, right on the lake. I bypassed mine and I regret it all day long. It's cold up here but no snow yet so I'm still driving it. Anyhow, the whole bypass deal was good for a short time. Now, it's 30 degrees and I have no heat. If I drive my car until it's up to temp. and then park with my windows up, my windows fog anyways. Not normal fog but the dewey kind, real wet. This is caused by my engine heat I believe coming up through my dash and what not. Very annoying... to the point where I bought a skwegee ( sorry for the mis-spelling :rolleyes: ) to clear my windows. Asside from the lines it leaves, it does work though. Anyhow... if you have the time or if you have the money.... FIX IT! Plain and simple, it's worth it in the long run, trust me.:bang:
how can i check the evaporator drain? i only use my defrost, rarely the vent and floor...

i have straight coolant in there, which is why i dont think its coolant.

can someone pm me their phone number, i need help soon,i have to get a new core now or not until this weekend...
it comes out of the firewall just below the accumulator and where the a/c and heater lines go into the firewall. jam a coat hanger up there and but dont smash up the evaporator. more than likely its clogged. it looks like a little tube that come out at an angle
b.c. i stopped at a firestone and asked the guy about it and he said it wasnt coolant. he though it is the winshield leaking, which it could be. so im spraying it now to see if it will leak. keith im gonna keep trying you.