Hello From The Beautiful Shenandoah Valley .....


Jul 5, 2013
.... of Virginia. :)

New here .... just looking around. I'm 59, wife is "near there", been married since 1979, retired from the state in 2010 after 31+ years and now work part time at Advance. Wife and I have joked about buying a Mustang GT for years, but as of June 19 this year it stopped being a joke as she found one we both like, a low miles cared for 2008 DCAR GT 5 spd.

Anyway, I always look around to find a forum or two that caters to my vehicles and just tonight found Stangnet. So far, only mod is I installed a dock sta and modulator and etc for my XM SkyFi.

Otherwise ..... we are looking at stripes, a shifter maybe, lowering a bit, detailing ..... etc ..... and just enjoy.

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Thank you sir, looking forwards to it.

Already see that in open road travel, the GT will almost match our 2003 Forester in MPG (though Scoobie maintains most of it's good mileage in all traffic, where as the GT suffers in stop and go) .... so I can see some road trips in it though any cross country trips likely still in the Grand Marquis (trunk will almost match a SB PU for space .... LOL). I'll keep one of the Thunderbirds for a DD ..... and my trucks .... and bikes -n-trike ???? ...... geeze, reading that now, it looks as if I'm " TOY-POOR" ! :O_o: