In just 10 years, I'll be old enough to drive!!!!
Dec 28, 2005
columbus ohio
im still alive people. drop top said yall thought i died. :nono: just been busy with work school and a project for a friend ive been working on. then the jeep motor died. pulled it apart and the piston broke...into 6 pieces :nonono:

it was idling in the garage after a 800 miles road trip. i guess the higher elevations and climbing step inclines did the 143k motor in.
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Don't mention the black vert. Deeply miss that car. If all goes as planned from here on out ill have another mustang in a few months.

The hatch was sold last year like a week before I disapeared.
man...i remember when you were posting pics of a blue (and other random colors) vert...if i remember right.... but ive been out for a couple years. I can symphathize with the school thing man, but trust me, its TOTALLY worth it. (I test drove a 2010 GT:D...I dont want to wait for the new 5.0:nonono:)..
im trying to decide on my next mustang project. turbo fox. 99/01 cobra. idk we'll see. i miss having something with some grunt to it. lol. so by April ill be into another mustang and ill still have a DD for work. just wont be the keep. put 106 miles on the fresh motor today after finishing putting it together at 5 am.