help cam install gone wrong


Sep 27, 2003
well i got about 14 hrs straight in this for some reason it isnt working
now im certain the isnt to big it is a stage 2 trickflow i turn motor by hand it it tuns easy....let me ask this very dumb question
1. is it neccisary to put the #1 piston at tdc when installing timing chain
anotherwards put #1 tdc and check ti for 0 on balancer then slide chain on dot -dot

2. cam someone give me the simpliedt way to adjust pedestal mount fms rockers on my edelbrock heads thanks
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You have to bring the #1 to TDC, then install the cam, then install it dot to dot for a straight up install.

The key way should be straight up on the top side of the crank, #1 piston at the top of the bore.

Check out for installation tips for ped mount rockers, there easy...
Just as Rick 91GT said. I installed Cobra 1.7 rr and they are pedestal mount. I just tightened them down and mine are fine. Just put it back together last weekend.
Follow the pedestal mount installation instructions - especially with a new cam/rockers; DO NOT just tighten them down unless you're willing to take a chance on getting lucky with the dimensions/geometry.

And if you absolutely want to be sure that you've got the cam timed right, you really should degree it using a dial indicator, degree wheel and indexed gear set.

Don't forget to measure p to v clearance. Just because the motor turns over doesn't mean you have adequate clearance. The Stage II is something like 224/230 - and with that much duration, you're likely to have p to v clearance issues unless you've allowed for that with pistons/reliefs/etc.
yount: thanks for input i have aftermarket pistons with valve reliefs ... rick91gt: thank you for that i thought so but after those many hours i tried to think of everythign possible to have went array

p.s rick do you still make those torque box supports p.m me a price for upper and lower 's