Engine Help diagnose random overheating??

Well, thanks for all the help guys!
I think I know what's causing it this time..
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I remember someone saying to have your mechanic check the head gaskets.I
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there was no way to do a compression test with the spark plugs seized into the heads.. well they have to come off now anyways
"...220+ is overheating not 205 or 210..."
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(posr #67 - thought he said no H2O/milk on dipstick, no white smoke)?
yea, no milk, no white smoke, and coolant system pressure test held up fine
Like I said in post #2, have you mech. do a compression leak test with dye to see if a head gasket is bad.
Look up Scotty Kilmores video on how it done.
Could of saved two weeks, just saying dude.
Man, what are you on about? Seems like you've been skipping around and not reading the posts.
It was just confirmed blown 2 nights ago when it started overheating at idle and I retested with block fluid which promptly turned yellow.
Before that we had done the block test which stayed blue, and a coolant pressure test, which it also passed.
75 posts, 4 pages. I'd tend to agree but we all try'n avoid the worse/inevitable, no?
Read above as well, the car passed the block fluid test and coolant pressure test before developing more symptoms 2 days ago.
I suspect the head gasket was failing slightly before completely blowing as it is now.
The original symptom was a closed tstat due to an air pocket, which could have either been from compression leaking into to the coolant, or just an improper fill/bleed on the coolant system.

One thing is for sure, its 100% blown now
So, in case anyone thought I was exaggerating the spark plugs being seized in the heads..
This is what happened when I tried to take one out last night, after soaking in PB blaster.
First, the entire back half of the plug snapped clean off (Yes I was using the correct spark plug socket with rubber insert)
Then when I put the wrench on what was remaining of the plug, the hex nut part of the plug literally sheared off and left the barrel threaded into the head.
Luckily I was able to get enough of a bite on it with an EZ-OUT socket, but what a nightmare.