help make decision on new engine combo


Dec 26, 2004
Guys, I have to decided to retire my 5.0 and upgrade to a 351. I am planning on using an all forged stroker kit, most likely 416 or 427, but not set in stone. Right now I have a set of box stock trickflow track heat heads.I will stay with fuel injection. Cam will be custom hydraulic roller. Intake will most likely be a trickflow R(not the box). I will also be running forced induction, leaning more towards a procharger D1-sc, but possibly turbo.Pump gas only with an intercooler/and or meth/water injection. Probably running 1 3/4 or 1 7/8 headers. This is a five speed car. This is going to be primarily a limited duty street car with trips to the track when I can. I do want a pretty streetable engine that has decent low end torque. Right now the only thing I have in my hands is my old heads and the 351 block, so I am not stuck with parts I already have. This is going to be a slow process as I have quite of bit of other work to get done on the car as I have time. Suspension, subframes, torque boxes, new rear end, upper and lowers, cage, etc, etc. I just want to make sure that I have a pretty matched combo.
These are my main questions:
Should I sell my current heads and buy something else, or would it be feasible and cost effective to keep my track heats and have them ported to support this engine?
Does a forced induction engine require heads that flow as much or as well as a N/A engine?
Is the trick flow R intake a good decision for a mostly street driven package?
Would a 75mm throttle body be big enough, or should I get the 90mm?
Thanks in advance,
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