Help me name that member.


Jul 9, 2005
Help me name that member.

I’ve seen his car, on the forums and in town, but never met the person.. Thought it would be interesting to met another Stangnet guy… So,,
Late model GT, Blue, Personalized license plate, “Pekablu” or something like that. User built with Roush parts and equipment, works(ed) in Killeen TX, I thought at Discount Tire, but even with his car parked out back, they said it was not an employer of theirs. I took vacation to Iraq for 15 months, and now that I’m back, I have not seen the car around.

No I’m not a stalker, or have any problems with the owner..:D If you know who he is, please give him my user name and ask him to PM,, or post up.
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