Help Me Value 67 Fastback


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May 9, 2009
Hey guys, I'm wondering if I might be able to get some advice on what to put as a fair asking price my 67 Fastback. I'm pregnant and in law school, and I think those two things are more than enough to keep me busy without this project hanging over my head (plus, law school is 'spensive).

The car has had a fresh resto, and when I bought it the paint, engine, trans, brakes, everything was freshly done. I bought it with the intention of driving it as-is for a while then doing a Coyote swap, but life happens. Unfortunately, the brand new 383 stroker that went into it is now garbage, due to a mishap involving a dip:poo: drunk friend and the air cleaner bolt. Piston, head, and block are now scored to :poo: due to the bouncing around of this bolt that dropped down through the carburetor. So...basically, the car has a brand new motor with all the accessories, the accessories are good but the motor is garbage. Trans is brand new and has maybe 1000 miles on it total.

The body on the car is solid, no rust in the floor pans or trunk, everything is clean. No power steering/brakes, no radio.

I know, this is a totally vague and generic request, but if anyone can give me an idea of what market value on this might be (as-is, without a running engine), that would be amazing. I'm willing to take a bit of a haircut on it, but not a ridiculous one.

Here are some pics:


IMG_5283.JPG IMG_5285.JPG IMG_5280.JPG 2014-06-18 16.58.41.jpg 2014-09-08 18.36.00.jpg

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