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Apr 9, 2019
Hey All,

I am a newly registered member... but have been reading from here for a long time. Long story... I have a 2004 GT that is ProCharged. LOVE THE CAR... this is NOT my first mustang as I have had a few but I am a huge fan of the new edge body style.

My question - I have attached a photo to help explain this as well.

I have a oil blow off filter that came with the car. I have attempted to replace this unit with a oil catch can to keep oil drops from hitting the valve cover. The issue... I have tried factory size oil fill caps and NONE of them fit. I have removed the billet extension and filter and still can not get a cap to fit. I call some of the KNOWN parts shops and they tell me that a cap for the billet piece was discontinued.

Is there ANYTHING that I can do to replace this unit with a cap that has a LINE OUT to run to a catch can that has a blow off filter (units like Morosso etc..) I am not sure if the oil fill neck (black plastic extension) is factory as a factory cap will NOT fit on it either.... I am looking for some help on this if anyone has some ideas.

Matt (Georgia)
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