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May 12, 2005
I got a 94 gt with a kanne bell blowzilla/flowzilla. I trying to figure out what heads I should run with me set up, also I want to rebuild my botom end but dont know what rebuild kit to use. I want to make aboute 700rwhp . what is a stock 302 hp strengt. :shrug:
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Sep 24, 2000
Well to make that kind of power with a blower you are going to need a stronger block. I would suggest the R302 block but you are talking big money there. To your next question I would look at a set of AFR 185's at the minimum and poss a set of 205's. The limiter to your power is probably going to be the lower intake that you are running with that kenne bell blower. I am assuming that it is either a stock lower or a GT-40 lower. If it's the GT-40 with some extrude honing or porting you should be able to get by with it. The other thing you are going to need to look into is a custom cam to match up with everything else and to that blower and your boost level. For the bottom end I am a big fan of DSS stuff. They are very reasonable on price for forged stuff and it's all quality. Once again you will need to match this to what you are doing and with boost you will need lower compression. And with that power level comes all the supporting stuff such as a fuel system, etc to safely support that power level. Good luck with it and be prepared to spend some money.


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Nov 29, 1999
Altoona, PA
I'll take Robbies idea one step father. Get a dart block, and a good forged 408+ stroker. Since you have to use the GT40 lower with the flowzilla manifold, you are in luck as you can probably get away with running the 351 GT40 lower. As Robbie said it WILL need ported, and more than likely it will need ported enough that welding of the runners (in particular the #1 and #5 intake runner due to their inherent dog leg design where they go around the distributor) will be required. The stock 302 block WILL NOT WORK, its too thin of a casting and will literlally split down the center of the lifter valley with high HP. Figure around $6000+ just for the shortblock and rotating assembly. You'll also need a COMPLETELY new fuel system which included pump(s), fuel lines, rails, and more than likely a sumped tank... figure around $1000-$1500 for that, you'll need LARGE injectors and if you can not get away with with 60lb/hr you will need to get a driver as all injectors to the best of my knowledge above 60lbs are low impedence and will not work with the stock ECU. These are just a few of the things you will run into when trying for 700rwhp.