Hooking up aftermarket temp gauge

Where do I put the capillary tube tip in at? Ive got a few ideas but I want to make sure first. And what color is the wire to hook the light up to the dimmer switch? I'm also hoping one of you guys will tell me their is an easier way to get to the back of the gauges than taking the whole dash apart which I cant do because I cant get a screwdriver that will get all the screws up by the windshiel untightened.
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As for the dimmer , I hooked mine to the headlight switch ( green or brown wire I think), I did hook my temp to the intake, but more than likley mine is different because of the ltd motor I have in it! I will check in a bit to see where it is if in case it's the same!
Theres only a few screws that hold the cluster in the headlight wires are green the fogs are tan. Hook yor brown into the green to have your fog lights on all the time.K ind of cool I think. I ripped out ALL the wires coming from the drivers firewall, from there to the front. It is amazing all the wires that are not neede. My car is carbed so it is really quite simple. I know the wires like the back of my hand. Try www.autozone.com the repair section is an online repair manual. Key in your car then chassis electrical......there are complete wireing diagrams.......outstanding site.
if you have a dimmer fuse (called the ISO circuit on 87+), you can tap right off the fuse. im confused, but the gauge sender goes on the driver side lower intake, behind the dizzy.

good luck.
Ive got the sending unit taken care of. Im still not sure about the wiring, so I'm trying to figure it out 100% before I go and mess something up. And hissin5.0 I'm still havin trouble with the way the car is runnin so if you could go into my other thread and help me, Id really appreciate it.
heres the thread so you dont have to go searchin for it.