Horse Sense -  66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

Progress Thread Horse Sense - 66 Coupe To Fastback Conversion

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the out side of old red is finished .i started making the inner pieces. glad i made templates of every thing. laid out the patterns on my sheet of 18 gage sheet metal. a few minuets with the sheet metal shear and they were cut out. i have a few bends on the sheet metal brake tomorrow and they will be ready to weld in.

I know this is an old old thread but by any chance do you still have the templates ? These parts are not made restoring a very tired 65 Fastback and these are the only Pieces Im missing. I would pay for the templates.
I am converting a coupe to a fastback. The rear brackets for the side panels etc. I bought the dynacorn kit but I do not know where to weld them. Also is the coupe rear seat bottom the same as the fstbk
Seat bottoms are different ,you will need a fast back bottom and top
The bracket goes flat side towards the inside of the car ,the panel rides against it . From the inside of the rocker to the face of the bracket is 7 inches
the rear of the bracket to the wheel tub is 2 3/4 ,
there is a notch that sets on the top of the rear torque box ,push the small tab on the bracket up tight to the lip on the torque box
this one pictured is driver side