How do I?..TPS Voltage & Cleaning


New Member
Dec 16, 2002
Bakersfield, CA
Could someone give a rundown on how to properly check the voltage on my TPS and secondly, I'm going to buy some carb cleaner to obviously clean the IAC and TPS, but how should I clean, and what should I clean it with? eg. Q-tip, Scotchbrite, and so on..

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I went and removed the IAC from the throttle body. If you look at the side that mounts to the TB, in one hole it looks a worm gear of some sort. Also, while I was out, I picked up some CRC Clean-R-Carb.

I'm not sure where I should spray this stuff to where I don't damage the IAC.

Can anybody give me an idea to go about this?
Not that I'm trying to get three posts in a row here, but I cleaned the IAC and it made no difference whatsoever with what's mentioned above.

The car will not idle with the IAC disconnected and barely idles with it connected.

I've tried opening the air-bypass screw in 10* increments until flush with the throttle body, along with intermittent ECC flushes (20 min lapse or immediate ground), and it dies every time.

I'm completely lost at this point. Please, anybody?