how many horses do i have? my buddy says 600 i say much less

86 5.0 cobra heads cobra intakes 24# injectors crower street cam blaster coil race wires pro 5.0 shifter... off road bbk 2.5 exhaust. 1 5/8 headers..converted to mass air using a9l computer cold air kit adjustable fuel pressure reg.... a/c eleminator...1.7 roller rockers...fuel pressure 38 psi and timing is about 10degrees.....what does eliminating smog get you? if i did that would it be better to just get rid of the a/c eliminator pulley all together and just leave the smog pump and a/c out? my buddy says i'm at like 600 HP! i say much less...whats your guess????????
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Since he's off by a couple factors, tell him it's for sale and ask double what you think it's worth.
What are "86 5.0 cobra heads"? Stock E6's? And no cam? If that's the case, I'd say you're lucky if you're breaking the 220 mark to the rear wheels. A stock 5.0 with a manual tranny is right at 200.
also, do you think your buddy can check out my list of mods and give me an estimate on how much hp i can expect when i got to the dyno in a couple weeks. THe mods are in my sig but ill also have a 10 psi s-trim and 42 pound injectors? thanks
600hp?! HAHAHAHAHAHA :rlaugh:

you're closer to 220-235rwhp. you have no more than i do man, and before i pulled my 24# injectors for some 19's, i dynoed 228rwhp and 279rwtq on a dynojet with a 10.0:1 a/f. since the injector switch, i can definitely tell i picked up some of that lost power