How much $$$??? Full exhaust headers +??


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May 6, 2004
Ok guys, Im wanting to get long tube headers for my 04 GT and a new H-Pipe and mufflers.

What do you guys suggest for each part. Which headers, H-Pipe and Mufflers...
If you could please list out a ballpark prince for EACH and then a ballpark price
for the install and anyother parts you think i may need.
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FallenPhoenix said:
well there are so many different types of cat-backs, you can go from cheap mild steel all the way up to titanium exhaust that's a couple thousand for a cat-back. I'd suggest a stainless steel catback like Borla or magnaflow. H-pipe, you're probably looking for a catted pipe right?

Ya but im really trying to get a good idea of what brands and the price im am about to spend.
I just paid this tab three days ago.

~$500 for BBK ceramic coated headers
~$200 for Dr. Gas X pipe
~$500 for install

I kept the factory tailpipes and mufflers because I don't believe they are a bottleneck and I wanted to keep the interior noise down.
my second mod was the full exhaust.. did it last november.. got all my parts from ninosports. made a deal with the owner and got some discount :)

Anyways here's the run down....

BBK LT Headers - $499
BBK catted X - $399
Magnapack cat-back - $364
O2 extension - $34
Install - $0 (did it with my pop on driveway pics in sig)

If you're having a shop to do it.. $400 is a very reasonable price.. good luck