How much lower does the convertible sit? Debating lowering my car but.....

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Curious for those who have lowered their convertible, what tire and rim size you run. I currently have 17x8 and 17x9 with 245/45 and 275/40 and I don't find it has a really bad 4x4 look like the coupes do, and I fear rubbing being a convertible with this setup. I seen pics of coupes with this setup at stock height, and yes they look a lot more 4x4 style. Tried to look around for picture examples, but any vert I see has just 245's squared, and usually 17x8. In your opinion, is it worth lowering at my current setup, and would I run into rubbing issues? I do not want to modify the fenders or start cutting anything. Do the vert's sit quite a bit lower being heavier?

Any pics of guys running this setup on a vert that is lowered would be great, or input from anyone who has experience.

ALSO: the springs I am looking at are the Steeda Sport lowering springs. It doesn't state they wont work on a convertible, like Eibach and other brands do, has anyone run these springs? Any of the convertible specific ones are currently on a long backorder for me, so these were the only ones I found that didn't specify not to use on a vert.

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@Blueinfan Nice combo! The Cobra wheels look great with your paint and trim colors!
Thank you!!!!!! Thanks to this forum I have been able to complete it! It has taken me 2 years so far. Still need to work on some minor issues but its done.

Things pending:

1. Need a new convertible top installed.
2. Headlight issue issue where the running lights do not work.
3. Need to get it painted


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Just buy H&R's from maximum motorsports.
You will pay more and get more. Looks like a pretty nice car, it's worth the extra money.

One other comment i'll make which may be a little controversial, sometimes convertibles with luggage racks don't look right lowered.
If that were my car, i'd probably wrap up and save that trunk lid and buy another and either use some type of wing or none at all.
Steeda springs
MM adjustable LCA
17X9 Roh Cobra R's
245/45/17 & 275/40/17 BFG's
No rolling of fenders
I did put 1/4" spacers on the front as the rim hit on a full turn in



i also run weld draglites- i needed to BFH the rear inner fenderwells and remove the quad shocks for clearance.
15X4 and 15 X8

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