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Mar 30, 2005
Garland, Tx
How do you take the coolant crossover tube off a 97 Cobra? I don't want to go at it with Mr. Mallet if I don't have too. Also, this tube is pretty much done, where can I pick a crossover tube up at? I checked Ford and they no longer produce the part for my car. Is the crossover on the 99 Cobra the same as the 97? Where else can I go besides a j-yard? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm really suprised ford stopped making it. A 99+ coolant crossover tube will not work though.
Once you have the two nuts off it fits is in the cylinder heads pretty snug. I use a prybar and gently pry it up by the sides right under the coolant sensor bungs. I would take the temp gauge and ECT sensor out as to not possibly damage them during the prying. Is the pipe itself leaking?
Yeah, last I checked you had to buy the whole tube. You can't just get the cap for it. I think the whole tube w/ the new cap included was 100 bucks, but I also think that was dealer price. Also, to the best of my knowledge ford is still making them just check ur dealer.
I checked at Dallas Mustang and I was quoted at 60 dollars for the tube, HOWEVER when they tried ordering the part, it was discontinued.
When I went to Ford, I was quoted at 300+ dollars because it came with the two sensors which had to come with the tube. If Mr. 5.0's4ever can locate one I would be very happy.