Hows this setup gonna do at the track??


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Apr 9, 2002
New Jersey
Well I cannot wait for spring to come this year, after all the crap I have done to the stang... The suspension is pretty much setup for handling, its all listed in the signature with the addition of a flaming river manual rack and pinion... Im also thinking of getting some Nitto Drag radials to hook up since the car now screws with the 3.90's. So what do ya think? im hoping low 13's if i can hook up. any input is appreciated!!:flag:
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You've got some great stuff added so far! As far as getting those low 13's.... I don't know... I'd say maybe, if you have some really good tires, and you come off that clutch just right.

Sounds like you've got one heck of a nice car though. Keep loving the life!
I doubt you will see low 13's. Maybe mid to high 13's. You just don't have enough hp yet. If you put slicks on it you could run low 13's. Otherwise I just don't think you are there yet. Longtubes and an intake would probably do it with some good driving with a drag radial.